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Throughout spring and summer 2005, the CCMHI consulted stakeholders from across the country to develop a Charter for Collaborative Mental Health Care for Canada.

The goal was to develop a Charter that reflects the wisdom, experience and aspirations of consumers, family members, caregivers, primary health care and mental health care providers, policy makers, funders and educators -- those who have knowledge of the current system and a sense of how mental health services can be strengthened.

Through the use of focus groups, discussion forums, meetings, surveys and presentations, a broad range of stakeholders were asked what they thought of a draft set of Principles which constitutes good collaborative mental health care and Commitments that need to be made to ensure the principles prevail. Scroll down for the results:

Consumer, Families and Caregivers

April 2005

Consumers from across the country were asked for their feedback on a number of draft Charter Principles. Their feedback and revisions to the Principles set the stage for the rest of the consultations.

Consumer Report (PDF-60 pgs/1MB)

Expert Advisory Forums

June 2005

The revised Principles were taken to a mixed group of providers, consumers and caregivers for further refinement and advice on necessary actions.

Expert Forum Report (PDF-79 pgs/ 2 MB)

Online Survey

July-August 2005

To reach a broader audience, the CCMHI provided an on-line survey to get written feedback on the Principles and Commitments.

On Line Survey Report (PDF-45 pgs/2.3 MB)


Synthesis Report

At the end of the consultations, the extensive dialogue and written feedback was consolidated, analysed and summarized in a Synthesis Report, becoming the basis of the Final Charter. Synthesis Report

Synthesis Report (PDF-57pgs/1.8 MB)


Leaders' Forum

September 2005

CCMHI had an opportunity to meet with leaders from its 12 national member organizations to discuss the draft Charter. The day's discussions are captured in this update. (PDF-12 pgs/800 KB)



Click here for more information on the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Charter which resulted from these consultations.




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