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For Consumers, Families and Caregivers

Developed by consumers, families and caregivers, these two toolkits will orient consumers and their loved ones to collaborative care and the active role that they can play in prevention and care.

This toolkit is intended for all consumers, families and caregivers wishing to know more about mental health and mental illness, how to access services and the type of professionals that can assist them in their recovery.

  • Pathways to Healing: Mental Health Guide for First Nations People

    This toolkit offers a basic overview of mental health and mental illness along with a contextual section outlining the impact of history, social, economic and political conditions on the mental health of these peoples.  There are tools in this toolkit to foster holistic care.


For Health Providers and Planners

Prepared by interprofessional expert panel and guided by a number of working groups, the general toolkit and eight companion toolkits will offer implementation advice to primary and mental health providers who wish to start a collaborative team that is tailored to their community health needs.


For Educators

Prepared by teaching experts, this toolkit is tailored to education program developers in regulatory agencies, professional associations, regional health authorities, family health teams, governmental departments, and educators within both academic (universities and colleges) and care delivery settings.

The toolkit highlights the importance of interprofessional education in promoting collaborative care and offers four case studies and several activities, accompanied by sample lesson plans and other useful tools, to aid educators in the implementation of educational events.




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